fuchs-photography – people, landscape and cities, capturing the beauty in and around us.

My name is Peter Fuchs, born in Germany, happily married to Lisa my beautiful and loving wife. We are happy empty nesters, or rather we have left the nest – we currently live in a small village in the middle of Germany. Before Corona we enjoyed Berlin city life, however within the first lock-down we decided super spontaneously to move to the countryside. And here we are…

For years that site was dedicated to people photography, living abroad for many years I sort of developed into the designated (expat) family photographer, which was a great experience and gave me the possibility to learn a lot about talking to my clients, helping to pose them and making them feel comfortable. In 2012 I started to specialise in portrait, fashion and beauty photography – the years in Berlin I mostly shot professional and aspiring models, worked together with a few model-agencies, designers and make-up artists, just for fun and occasionally took pictures of actors and normal “everyday” people who simply wanted to have beautiful portraits of themselves.

Now living in the country side I do enjoy nature, sports, hiking, mountain-biking and take plenty of photos when I am outside – and while I recognise that I am breaking the cardinal rule of keeping a clear focus of a website I decided to change the scope of my website, reflecting the entire spectrum of my photography.

Shooting landscape is a different kind of thing for me than people photography, it’s less artistic, definitely less technical, however more personal. My landscape & nature photos are mostly depicting beauty in nature, quiet and wonderful moments for me, I enjoy capturing and remembering.

Best Regards,